When A Herd Of Manatees Comes Your Way, What Do You Do?

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Tyler and Lauren out for an adventure with Stand Up Paddle Boards, and are caught on video with a rare viewing of a herd of Manatees!  The good news is, Manatees are kind creatures, known also as the sea cow.  They wouldn't hurt a fly.  

SUP Weeki is a facebook page for SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) lessons, tours, and family outings in Weeki Wachee Florida.  So many people run off to the gym to work out and get their exercise.  It is a terrific thing to find a sport you love that you can do close to home that is great exercise too.  Warm year round climate means a great long season for boarding and enjoying the outdoors in Florida.  One couple has made this their dream business to take people out and teach them the joy of Stand Up Paddle boarding in the company of the manatees.  This is a beautiful dream where humans and beautiful sea giants get along in harmony!


What an adventurous & strong group, still smiling! They refuse to take a shuttle from Bayport back to SUP Weeki. They want to complete their 10 mile SUP excursion out to the ocean & back. Taking a break before finishing their paddle upriver.  

Just before heading into Big Cypress Canal & SUP Weeki's dock. They report some sore muscles, but are excited with their outing. Quite an accomplishment - a 10 mile round trip SUP excursion out to the ocean, exploring & back. Awesome job Candace, Mary, Bev & Jackie!!!! — at SUP WEEKI.

Anita & Sandra have a very close manatee encounter while standing on one of the many sandbars on the Weeki Wachee River. Sweet!

Love this photo - the look on Sandra's face says it all! What a unique experience. The manatee came right up to them while standing on a sandbar.  Photos: SUP Weeki

Lauren watches as three manatee swim towards her & Critter Canal. She has a great view on her SUP.

Tommy & Mike have been the best of friends since they were young boys. Today they have their first SUP excursion and do an awesome job! More photos and video on page 2....

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