Kansas Game Warden Shoots Family Pet Deer In Front Of Home

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One of the most heart-wrenching things to happen in life is the loss of a pet, whether it runs away, is run over, or simply dies of old age.  Taryn Mcgaughey had helped to mend a deer after it's leg was broken.  Since then, the deer has been considered a family friend or pet that comes and goes.  That was until a Facebook post asking if anyone had seen the deer prompted law enforcement to come write a citation.  Taryn’s mother Kim Mcgaughey, who brought Faline into her Ulysses, Kansas, home 22 months ago, was in violation of the law by inhabiting the deer since she did not qualify for either domestic deer breeder or wildlife rehabilitation permits in Kansas, says Rankin.

Taryn Mcgaughey captured footage of a Dodge City, Kansas, game warden following the deer named Faline around the yard. One shot is heard before Taryn bursts into tears and stops recording. She says the game warden then went on to shoot the deer four more times:

“None of it really makes sense to me. How they came in and handled themselves,” she says. “Even if they didn’t want us to do something about it, they could have gotten a hold of sanctuaries or went a little bit further. We had a vet that would come out and euthanize her for us. He knew that she was a pet.” Taryn said

The deer quickly became part of the family. Taryn says Faline thought she was a dog, bumping the door of the house when she wanted to come in and napping in the house. She also played with the family’s goats and horses and splashed in the swimming pool with Taryn’s 8-year-old son. Kim even nurtured Faline’s broken leg, administering a pipe around it with bandaging tape. The deer was never confined and frequently jumped over the fence during her recovery.

Taryn Mcgaughey has started a fund to help them deal with the local courts, and hopefully to change the laws for circumstances like this in the future

The nearly two-year long family-pet relationship began when Kim walked to a neighbor’s farm after hearing a deer was disrupting their crops. Kim learned the deer’s mother was shot, and Taryn says her mother instantly connected with her. The deer, whom she named Faline from the Disney classic Bambi — followed her home, with no lead, for four miles.

Taryn says their community is rallying around the family following the emotional incident. On Thursday, Taryn posted on her Facebook using the hashtag #justiceforfaline



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