Nuggets' Wilson Chandler reels in 350-pound goliath grouper (Video)

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In case you were wondering how Denver Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler was spending his offseason, the answer is catching remarkably large fish.

Chandler, who didn't play last season due to injury, is the latest athlete with an interesting fish encounter.

Green Bay Packers linebacker Sam Barrington hauled in a 400-pound bull shark while fishing off the coast of Florida in late April with the same group as Chandler. More recently, Manchester United's Zlatan Ibrahimovic landed a personal-best pike on vacation.

And then there is New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who, in an amusing contrast, caught a pair of bluegills on one lure.

The year of athletes catching fish rages on!

Captain Ben Chancey of Cape Coral Florida is all pro when it comes to catch!  If you manage to get him to add you to his Snapchat account, you can watch him guide fishermen and women to the best locations, and he knows his bait, his line, and his reels.  Tap in to his youtube channel ......  just about as soon as they drop a line, they're reeling in something big!  His charters manage to get all the biggest goliath grouper catches in the smallest boat videos, and his videos continue to go viral on the web.  Here he is working with Blacktiph, the largest fishing channel on youtube to help share fishing successes.  He makes sure you get out early, catch a load, beat the afternoon storms, and get back in for dinner.  I watch his Snapchat every day (@chewonthisfish), and I've never seen a boring day, and I've never seen them miss.  I've heard him once mention on a good day... reeling in 2500 pounds of catch!  And that's all on a hook!  If you need to feed an army, or want to be on the boat-side of the catch, and the experience of a lifetime, look him up....

See more at: Chew On This Fishing Charters on Youtube

What's that they say?  ... teach a man to fish and he'll never go hungry....  That applies to anyone who meets Ben


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