Walt Disney World Is More Wild Than You Think!

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All of the footage below was taken at Fort Wilderness in Orlando Walt Disney World in March of 2016.  I agree with the premise that Floridians expect gators in water, but Disney World draws people from all over the world.  When you see the white sands beaches, it's hard to think gator.   You think... wow, can I swim in it?  

We rented a boat on the last trip, and when we were about to go out, I asked if they minded if we stopped on the island to check out the wildlife.  She said the 9 foot gator might not be too friendly.  We had already seen two that day in the camp-ground canoe canal.  One large adult on shore, and one baby crossing in front of our canoe, so we weren't anxious to chase after any more.  

There are turkeys, bear, deer, bobcats, mountain lions, foxes, and all kinds of wildlife in the area, so you do need to be on your toes.  I think it's part of the mystique, but parents should be alerted near the edges of nature.  When you come in by road and stay at a hotel, you hardly realize how rural it is out there.  


Our hearts truly go out to Matt and Melissa Graves, who lost their two year old son Lane at Disney World on Wednesday June 16 to drowning and other injuries after a gator pulled him into the lake seen in the video above.   ~All of us at Offgridquest.com

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