An Unbelieveable Tale of The Man Who Swims With Crockodiles (video)

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Would you believe me if I told you there was a man who swims with a 15 foot crock on a daily basis?  It would seem to be legend or a tale of folklore.  But as the story of Tarzan and the Apes is steeped in truth, the one Known as the 'Crocodile Man', Costa Rican animal lover 'Chito' swims, plays and even feeds 'Pocho' the giant crocodile in what is one of the world's most unlikely friendships.

The Man Who Swims with Crocodiles Documentary follows Chito, a Costa Rican fisherman who is one of the only men ever known to tame a crocodile with people traveling from all over the country to marvel at their bond. He nursed the animal back to health after discovering him blinded by the bullet of a hunter over 20 years ago. Feeling strongly compelled to investigate these legends first hand, Roger Horrocks visits a Costa Rican shaman, "Chito" that swims with a giant croc and even rides on the back of the ancient reptile. This and many other stories confirms Roger's belief that these giant crocodiles have the ability of showing emotion and creating connections with human beings, an otherwise impossible notion in the crocodile's long history

The story isn't without it's hardships.  

Like a man torn between two women, he found himself caught up in lies about his "affair"

It is a tale of love, of caring, and of long-lived commitment

I hope you enjoy the video above as much as I did!

Now watch this fantastic video below:

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