Drone Captures Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Run From Above

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Today we live in a world where, as never before, we are gaining access to views of things that have never been seen.  We can't take in enough imagery of our world, and it's easier and possible to see the whole world from your desk than in real life, though there is nothing like feeling the sights in real life!  

I find myself more than ever, relying on Google Earth when driving a boat here in Florida, because it is the views from above that remind of where the sand bars are at low tides.  Drone footage such as this brings the views even closer than Google.... and more personal, as we get aerial shots from above that used to be available only by helicopter for $500 per hour  .... and even better by drone when yo u can zoom right down along the ground.  

Watch the video below and enjoy as we see the beauty captured from Alaska by one-such drone pilot

Footage location:  Iliamna Alaska:

ABOVE ILIAMNA from Jason Ching on Vimeo.


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