A Killer Whale Has Never Been Seen In The Caloosahatchee ~Until Now

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to me that about 14 of them at any given time, but this clip I found on Youtube shows a pod of them seen back in June, and mentions there are some 500 killer whales in the gulf.  Are there that many? 

So the question remains, does my footage prove it's a killer whale enough to call it a sighting?  Since it doesn't show the creature coming out of the water enough to see any markings, we are left to follow it's swimming pattern as it crosses the shallow waters, and to diagnose it by the type of fin, and the rest is simply based on my report.  It's not recommended to take a boat across that way due to shallows that may be encountered.  If it is a killer whale, biologists want to know what it's doing in the gulf, especially in shallow waters.  Is there a problem in the ocean that diverted them here?  Understanding the happenings in the ocean isn't always easy, but humankind wants to do the best we can for wildlife on our planet.  


Dorsal Fin comparisons I made - Dolphin:

False Killer Whale:

Great White Shark

Killer Whale:

What I saw - Screen Shots from my phone's video:

So if this is a killer whale, marine biologists really want to know what it's doing out here.  It 

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