Renaissance Young Woman Lives In A Van And Travels Through Australia's Outback.

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Bonnie McArthur is a renaissance woman. She is a thinker, a traveler, an enlightened soul. She also happens to be one of Australia’s most talented artists. Her portraiture business keeps her busy and paid, but only to the extent of her basic living needs—by her own design. Bonnie feels everyone should be able to afford a portrait. And so, based on her minimalist, anti-materialistic lifestyle, she charges clients a mere $600 versus the $3,000 other skilled portrait artists can garner on the open market. She also sculpts, draws, makes crafts, travels and lives in her 1982 Toyota Coaster bus, guided by the ethics of Permaculture and her own truth—in a tiny footprint, mind you.

Born in Canberra, Australia in 1991, Bonnie McArthur travels between Australian sustainable communities to film her short film series: 'The Reality: Shorts Films Exploring Sustainable Alternative Lifestyle Options and Free Community Living', with the purpose of designing a conserver system that nurtures the growth of the people and planet where our current system fails. 

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Art from The Australian National University in 2013, McArthur uses her oil portraiture business to fund her travels between sustainable communities, having worked as a portrait artist since the age of 21.

McArthur also lives, by cause of principles, in a small bus.

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