History: TierFelder (Low loader) Base model single cab Utilitarian VW Bus

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Service model:


  • Folding bed section DM280

  • Yellow rotating light (Hella) DM150

  • 2 Sheet metal boxes with chamfered sides for strength, used for Road gravel or sand DM130

  • 1 Lockable wood tool box with padded cover DM210

  • Canvas and hoops, extending halfway just over the Tieflader. DM225

    • Add-on bucklable tail part for half length canvas DM65

  • Canvas and hoops extending over the entire bed. DM330

  • Tow hook, front DM25

  • Lacquer paint, single color DM495

  • Lacquer paint, orange RAL2000 DM535

  • Lacquer paint, two-tone DM580

  • Warning painted stripes, front and rear DM95

Both models:
Distribution Hannover - Wiedenbrück: DM79
Loading and or extradition costs: DM10

Thought to be manufactured around 1960-62. Coachbuilder unknown - the side gate goes down into a ramp, instead of swinging out towards the front like the Westfalia Tieflader. Rumored that it was produced to compete with the Corvair ramp side trucks of the same era. Manufacturer and specs still unknown. If you have any information regarding this model, please contact the webmaster.
Owned by: Joe Bair

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