Would You Sell Your Hair For $3,000? This Girl Did!

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The first time, I was twenty and going to school in Thailand when I made the promise to myself to sell my hair as soon as I moved back to America-whenever that was. I had been walking through the room and overheard one of the teachers from London talking about how one of her girlfriends back home had sold her hair for a few thousand dollars. I remembered one of the characters from Little Women sold her hair to buy Christmas presents for their poor family, but I didn't realize that people in this century still bought and sold hair. I held that secret dream quietly in my heart. Months and months went by, I traveled and moved constantly, then one day I did some research on the sites that got the most traffic and where I could potentially get the most views for my ad. I posted it for a total head shave; those seemed to be triple and quadruple the price of just regular old cut ponytails.

Mine was like gold: hip length, straight, black, single layer hair willing to go hand-razor bald.

Buyers from all over the world contacted me with their offers. Some were flakes, some were fetishists, some were low-ballers, some far exceeded my price if I would agree to a variety of certain terms. After weeks of filtering through the strange and illegitimate and too-demanding offers, I accepted the man who had made the combination of both best price and most legitimate offer.

The thing was, he lived in Germany but had some mates in Los Angeles he was to see in a week or so. He was also willing to buy me a round trip ticket from my parent's house where I was staying. So, as a twenty-one year old girl, I flew 3,ooo miles one-way alone to meet a man in a hotel room to sell him my hair for cash. Afterward, several of our old friends, seeing me in a knit cap, thought I was *sick* or something. I had never had short a single time in my life. It was liberating to see how the hair changed my behaviour and people's perceptions of me. They suddenly thought I was tough and edgy, I could get away with being more straight forward, and completely against my will too many girls tried to give me their numbers.

It was nice not to be manipulated by what society told people they had to look like. And I wasn't defined by my hair. Long hair didn't make me a girl. Short hair didn't take it away from me. I didn't really realize that until then.

This second time was even easier than I could have ever dreamed. I posted my ad, another head shave but my hair wasn't as long, and it sold in two days. Even though I live in Hawaii and I am now thousands of miles from the rest of the world, everything almost seemed too good to be true....

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