They're Saying That Cheese Might Make Us Healthier Now! Let's Make Some Homemade Mozzarella!

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Ever wanted to make homemade cheese but don't want to wait for months for it to age? Learn how to make homemade mozzarella in minutes with this easy step by step tutorial.

A great new study is out that tells us the french have a very low percentage of heart disease, and that cheese may actually be good for you!  Well, I'm a chees-a-holic, and this is very good news to me!  So I was excited to find a bit of info out there about making your own Mozzarella! has a nice instructional on her site.  She gives a number of reasons to make your own mozzarella:

"Reasons to make homemade mozzarella:

-You like learning old-fashioned skills

-Your cow is producing more than you can drink. 

-You don’t have cheese for your pizza night and don’t wanna drive to the store.

-You wanna do something for someone special. 

-You want to increase your preparedness and DIY level."

So now, in light of terrific cheese news, let us add:  To better your health and help your heart!!!

All you need are several things:

Milk, Rennet, and Name Your LinkCitric Acid.  Now watch outdoorcastironcook in this nice video of fromaggerie:

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