Fun Fantastic Invention: The Beard Bib To Air Tonight On Shark Tank

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Just a few months ago, we shared this simple invention video to one of our pages:  "Amazing to see,"  and then back to our "Living off the Grid" page.  It went superviral, with over 6 million page views in a very short time, and was one of the most viral videos we have ever played on the site.  I am excited to announce that The Beard King, featuring founder Nicholas Galekovic and Alessia Andrade will be on Shark Tank tonight at 9pm Eastern.  The first thing I asked him, "So did you get a deal?"  Nick has been silent about the results as his Shark Tank contract holds his tongue until after airing, so he replied:  "You'll have to watch the show."  Here I sit on pins and needles and just can't wait to see how they did.  So until 9pm....

Here's a snippet from the original story we ran some months ago:  

Sometimes a simple smart idea goes a long ways!  This simple concept has gone viral the world over in a simple little video.  Everyone needs to shave, and most guys think it's okay to mess up the sink and hurry off to work.  Most girls don't think that's cool,  especially when they get to follow after in the bathroom.  This goes right along with the battle over putting the toilet seat down after you flush... men and women across the globe are duking it out over this cool invention:

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