(Video) Pulling A Truck With A Flip Flop Winch.

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Picture this, you are driving on a dirt road, the day before it rained cats and dogs. You go through a puddle and all of a sudden your car gets stuck in the mud, no one is there to help you, luckily you are someone who likes to be prepared and go to check on your trunk, to see what you can use to help get you out of this mess.  You see your small axe and rope and think... "this might work".

You feel confident, because you remember watching a video one on youtube where a man taught you what you could do in a similar case, so you go through the steps in your head and try it out... andvoilá, after a couple of hours and a little bit of hard work, you were able to get yourself out of trouble. 

Enjoy this video and hope it will help you!

"I first discovered this ingenious flip-flop winch from a YouTube demonstration by Mors Kochanski, the Godfather of bushcraft. A search of flip-flop winches on YT will garner several clips demonstrating the power of using two logs and some rope. So why would I add my video to mix? Because it's only theory until you put it into action by Doing the Stuff!" - SurvivalSherpa

via DieHardSurvivor

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