14 Reasons To Own A Motorhome

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1.  Vacationing:  Though vacationing is the number one reason motorhomes are marketed for sale, it's not necessarily the only good use for one.  The fact that it's a self contained water jug with a kitchen, bathroom, beds and bedrooms with TVs and entertainment built-in... the fact that it's got storage for all your toys and goodies, and capacity to hold waste... to generate power for all your needs... that's just a start of why these things are so great.  So you can "move out" of your house, and "move-in" to your motorhome, and hit the road to your destination of choice.   Let's look at some other great reasons to have one....

2.  Living outdoors:  Motorhomes are small residences, like tiny houses.  Most of us in the U.S. live in homes that are pretty big, so getting in the RV and hitting the road gets us sleeping in the RV, but escaping to somewhere else, usually the outdoors to do things.  Instead of being cooped up and watching TV all day, we get out, exercise, enjoy nature and interact with each other.  

3.  Space for visitors:  All too often, we end up with guests at one time or another... someone comes to visit, someone misses the rent payment and needs a place to live for a few weeks while they save up another deposit for the next place.  Maybe a friend isn't getting along with his wife, and the couch doesn't give them enough space to clear their minds.  The RV in the driveway or back yard allows a guest to come stay for a short while, and not intrude on your home life.  They are happy in the homey environment, and it's small enough to clean up quickly when they go.  

4.  Emergency Backup:  When Hurricane Matthew was on its' way, everyone was scrambling for water and goods in case the power went out for a few weeks.  Here we're not allowed to keep the RV in the driveway, so we park it at storage a mile up the road.  So my thoughts were, if the house loses power or is messed up, hopefully the RV will be okay after the storm or vice versa.  The gas tank holds about 60 gallons of gas.  That will run the generator for weeks!  Plus, I have lots of batteries and whatnot, so in the event the power goes out, I would hook up the solar panels to charge up the RV batteries as much as I need.   I have six good batteries in the golf cart with a power inverter.  So every time the generator needs to be fired up, I'll charge up the golf cart batteries too.  That will make good use of the fuel while it's running, and give us local transportation when there's no gas in the area.  the 55 gallon water tank will last us a while if we need it to drink.  The 50 gallons of propane will last us months.  My grill has propane too, so we could use that to cook, and save the propane in the RV to keep the refrigerator running a long time.  We can store enough food and whatnot on board to live a long time, and when the roads are clear, drive on out of the state on half-a-tank of gas to find more fuel if necessary and re-load.  

5. RV Friendly Campgrounds are everywhere!:  Private campgrounds and government-owned campgrounds are often located near popular tourist attractions. Some RV parks are small and bucolic, while others are large, upscale resorts.

Campgrounds may have swimming pools, playgrounds, recreation centers, entertainment, walking paths, camp stores, crafts and social events. Many now include cable modem and Wi-Fi Internet access. Commercial campgrounds usually have hookups for power, water supply and waste disposal. After a day of sightseeing, families can return to their motorhomes, cook their favorite meals at leisure and relax in a comfortable and familiar atmosphere.

Camping fees vary depending on the location, season and amenities offered. Public campgrounds and some retail lots offer convenient and low-cost places to stay overnight.


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6.  Save Money While Traveling:  Have you ever tried to go to Disney World and stay in a hotel in the Summer?  We call that High Season in Orlando, and the hotels know it too!  You can find a decent hotel at Disney for about $600 per night, or at the Holiday Inn for about $200 per night, but head on over to Universal Studios, and they allow you to park your RV for almost 2 days per entry.  It's about $20 to park normally, and you can park your RV there and stay the night.  For the price of 2 days entry, you can buy an annual pass that comes with free parking.  So you just stay in their parking lot for free.  Besides that, you can park at Walmart, or on the freeway offramp, or rest areas, truck stops, ... the places you can keep it are everywhere!  But the best thing about it is you can cook on the go and save a lot of money by shopping at the grocery store and keeping your food with you!  The kids want a snack?  Eat on the go, no need to stop!

7. Happy Family:  For those of you who have a family with two or three kids or more, have you ever found yourselves cooped up with kids yelling at each other while on the road?  We humans often need some personal space.  Even sitting next to your spouse for too long can have it's escalation moments, yet while in a car, there's nowhere to go, and the explosive behaviors are confined to the front seats of the car.  For us it's a no brainer.  Our special needs daughter has her moments with her sister in the car that don't go well at times, so we try to separate them.  In the motorhome, one goes back to the bedroom, and one hangs out up front, and they have their room to breath.  We use the RV for 2 hour drives, and not just for long-winded vacations.  

8.  Better fuel mileage:  RV's get a bad rap for being gas hogs.  Rich folks who drive big machines are often accused of being consumptive, but our 32 foot RV will seat about 10 people comfortably.  Sometimes a trip like that will be three cars and their kids going for a drive.  So even at 12 miles per gallon, a trip with many guests turns it into a bus for the friends to come along, and chances are, we're actually saving fuel on a trip like that!yo8.  Let the fun begin:  As mentioned in number 7, friends can travel along.  We like to go to the Renaissance fair, garage saling, to the races where you can take a break from the noise in the RV.  The possibilities are endless as to what you can do when you 

9. Motorhome travel can broaden kids’ horizons:  Because sleeping quarters, kitchens, dining areas and bathrooms are readily accessible, motorhoming is a great way to travel with children. It’s much more relaxing when you don’t have to continually look for rest areas, restaurants, and pit-stops. Plus, seeing the world through kids’ eyes opens up a new set of wonders for adults.

Motorhome travel can help children learn to appreciate the outdoors and gain insights into different people and places. Traveling to battlefields, presidential libraries and historic villages makes history come alive. The opportunities to learn about geography and nature are endless. The kids may forget it’s a learning experience when they're having so much fun! (tip 9 sourced by FMCA)

10. Backup Housing When Unexpected Circumstances Arise:  So I'm currently paying $90 per month for RV Storage up the road from the house.  Since we currently lease a home, we have found ourselves between one house and the next as we are moving at the end of this month.  In the wake of the housing collapse, Florida has become known for issues when trying to rent a house such as, you lease a home that becomes foreclosed by a bank, and then you are suddenly without a home.  Scams are abundant, so what if we got taken by a scammer when putting our deposit on the new home?  We had to let our landlord know 60 days ahead that we were moving out so they had time to re-rent the place while we exit.  So the day we move in, we also have to be out.  What if there's a hiccup in the move in?  We may find ourselves moving our things into storage, and without the RV, could end up homeless!  Yuck!  But what a great backup plan!  Even if we had to stay in storage for a few weeks while we figure it out, $90 per month isn't bad.  

11. Your pet can travel in the motorhome:  I stayed in a hotel at Universal Studios with the Dog.  It was miserable.  We took the hour trek between the boat ride and walk to get into the park, waiting in lines and all, and after a couple hours of play and waiting in lines, had to rush back to the hotel, then take the long walk through the hotel to get to the dog park.  He didn't make it and found places to piddle along the way.  It was soo embarrassing.  During our trips to Fort Wilderness campground at Disney World, you simply open the door of the RV, and out he goes to potty in the pine needles.  There are trails everywhere, and baggies to pick up pet poo.  The savings of not paying $35 per day to a kennel to house your pet pretty much negates the fuel costs of driving an RV.  Be sure your generator and A/C work well in hot months to keep pets safe.  

12. Fresh Starts:  So you've decided to buy some land in the wilderness, and go off the grid.  What better way to begin by having a portable place to live!  Trips to get fuel are probably one of the biggest costs and frustrations, so keeping them to a minimum is key.  I suggest putting a few stick-on solar panel strips, a lithium home battery bank or extra batteries,  a good pure-sine power inverter, and a nice little wind turbine on the RV, so you can make due with as little fuels as necessary.  You'll want to think about septic first, so if you install that, then you'll be set up for the rv, as well as for the home later.  You can install a rainwater catchment system with a large cistern.  You could have a truckload of water hauled in your first go-round, and then catch rain to re-fill it in the future.  

13.  Change Of Scenery:  So you live 30 minutes from the beach, but you moved down here to be close to it.  You realize after living here for 3 years that you don't take the time to go all the way over there any more.  Life has got you down and too busy.  You originally wanted a beach-front home, but when you discovered that the lot you dreamt of costs $4 million dollars, there's no chance you'll ever live there.  Well guess what!  There's usually a campground on the water someplace near that dream spot you wanted, and though it might not be cheap, for $140 bucks a night you can go sleep by the sound of the waves you always dreamed of and get your fill of sun and surfing.  Then again, you might just happen upon that dreamy spot to park and enjoy for free....  but those are secrets most RVers keep to themselves.  You'll have to go meet a few of them to find where to go!

14.  There's an RV for Every Budget:  When you keep your eyes peeled and know where to look, there's an RV for every budget.  For those who can afford, there are motorhomes out there now for over $400,000.  With a huge population of Baby Boomers retiring with their funds and savings entering a period of tax relief, they are spending big chunks of it on these new monsters of the road with every amenity available from washer and drier to water softeners, solar panels, and granite counter tops.  For this reason, older models are in plentiful supply in the off season, so you can buy something cheap that may still meet your needs.  Anything older that has had a water leak becomes a fixer that nobody wants to deal with, and they can be had for a few thousand bucks.  If you're willing to put in some elbow grease, you can often find a fixer-upper for free.  And there are categories of everything in-between, so if you want on, don't let money stand in your way!  Get creative, scour the internet, and find something that fits your needs.  

by David Webster  12/3/2016


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