How To Train A Fish: The Way It Was Back Then

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An Old time story teller, Robert Earl Woodard has published a book titled The Way It Was Back Then.  But more than just a story teller, he is the real mccoy.  He has a video that recently went viral that showed some of those old time skills.... and... I'll just let you see for yourself: 

Some video rights by Viral Hog

 "I hope you like my video. My book has stories about hunting, fishing and adventure. It also has stories about the way life was long ago in the good old days. "

 "Read about some of my bass fishing stories in my book The Way It Was Back Then :Short Stories From A Country Boy. I also have some stories about how life was long ago before modern technology and conveniences." 


If you would like to read more from Robert Woodard, click the book below:

You may also visit his Facebook Page


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