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This is a very informative video in which Starry answers a bunch of viewer questions regarding their homestead, and living off the grid, and what this means to them.

Yes there is a lot of work involved in setting up your homestead, and getting things done in the beginning, but once you have everything in place or established, it is just a matter of maintaining a rhythm and things become easier.

Enjoy the video!

More Q&A about living off the grid. Many people have asked about sustaining on just your garden. In fact people are surprised when we tell them that YES we do go to the grocery store. And yes, i do have to buy some things. How can that be when you are suppose to be living off the grid?
THIS is the misconception we need to address. We aren't removed from society, nor are we re moved from reality. AND reality is, no matter how self sustainable your homestead is..YOU'VE GOT TO 
I SHOP!!! From items for the pantry in things you cannot grow. Could we survive with no grocery store and those items..YES! BUT as long as its available most homesteads off the grid will indeed go to the store to supplement. IS that cheating? IF you don't live off cant judge that it is!
So take a walk with Starry as we answer those questions AND addresses...HOW MUCH WORK is involved in living off the grid? How hard is it???
ANOTHER huge misconception. Remember EVERY homestead is set up differently!
We focused on living more of free and independent lifestyle which is focused on NOT being enslaved to farm animals..crops that need to be harvested and cared for. THERE is a way to SET up a off grid homestead that is not filled with daily chores and work!! BUT that has to be your decision! You have the power to plan how you want to live and how much work you want to be involved in. For us on our homestead we have lots of free time. And when we do work it isn't slave driven. Its fun productive and fruitful!
So listen to our philosophy on this too!

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