Homesteading When You're Flat Broke

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greenhouse coming along

We can’t forget about the $5 greenhouse we built from old windows, pallets, strips of corrugates sign material my husband brought home from his printing job, and some scrap lumber. Eventually we invested another $100 to buy proper greenhouse roofing to make it leak-proof. Although it is currently unheated, it’s still a great place for starting seedlings in early Spring.

new chicken coop

Although our chicken coop is nothing fancy, it was built from materials we had laying around plus the price of a new box of screws. Again, it serves its purpose just as well as a more expensive coop would. The chickens are safe from predators and have somewhere out of the elements to roost for the night. They don’t care if their home cost $500 or none at all. I still haven’t painted the coop yet. Maybe one day I’ll find that spare moment I’m always seeking out.

Herb Bed 2013

How about the herb bed I createdout of an old industrial fan box and reclaimed handmade bricks? I still love how this turned out. Each year it’s prettier and prettier as it fills out and overflows with flowers and herbs.

pallet fence

And then there’s the simple pallet fence we madeto keep the deer from eating our fruit trees.

These are just a few examples of how we’ve been able to build our homestead with very little money.

Being resourceful also means you keep an eye out for things that other people are throwing awaywhich you might be able to use. On a frugal homestead you will likely find piles of what look like junk here and there, but when you look at these materials from a homesteader’s point of view, they are treasures just waiting to find their purpose on the homestead.

chick coop

Sometimes you get lucky and find some really useful stuff that people are just giving away. Like this rabbit cage we found for free on Craigslist. This is one of three that we got, actually. Although we didn’t have rabbits when we scooped up these cages, we knew we could use it for chickens now and maybe rabbits down the road. It’s good to always be thinking ahead.

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