Have You Ever Seen A Lending Locker? What A Fantastic Idea...

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We stayed in a hotel last night, and I ran into this, and had to share it with you.  They have this really cool thing they call a lending locker.  Have a look:

And I know it's a bit contrary to to the economics that says you have to sell everyone one of everything to help business grow, but it made me think about all of the libraries we still pay tax dollars to maintain, and how obsolete or outdated many of them have become. So how do we make them relevant and current?  How about turn them into a community lending center or lending "locker" where you can check out a crockpot if you need one for a particular dish and don't have one, or a jack hammer for the rare occasion.  That would be very hard on local rent-a-centers, but very good extended use of library building and funds.  It doesn't have to be a global thing, but it might be a good thing for your community. 

For this particular hotel, it saves them the expense of putting a toaster oven in every room, yet it's there for the convenience of those who need to use it.  

They also do not have a free breakfast, so it saves them a lot of money to say... sorry no breakfast,

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