A Guide to Elevating Your Photography Studio Business

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The era of polaroid and printed photos seems like a lifetime ago. For younger generations, it might even sound like an alien concept altogether. Digital photography certainly took the industry by storm.

As a photographer, you might be feeling a little anxious given how fast technology has taken over the sector. Anyone with a smartphone can capture photos of themselves and hardly anyone wants to pay a professional for the service. However, with some changes, there is still room for you to thrive. Read on for some tips on how to keep your business studio afloat.

Revamp Your Premises

Most photography studios that have been in the business for a while certainly look their age. Their displays are lined with ancient framed photos or decorated with film realms. If any of this sounds familiar, consider this a reminder to update your studio to the current times.

Aim for a studio design with a trendy and sophisticated look. In lieu of old photos, prints mounted on canvas would be a better display. Better yet, consider getting a glass LED display that runs digital images on your display window. The goal here is to remind potential customers that your business is evolving with the times. It will spark their curiosity to come in and see what you have to offer. 

Endeavor to improve your studio's interior decor and overall setup too. Backgrounds for different photo themes, for example, would be a great attraction for many customers. Neon signs, flower walls, or mock bookshelves are all ideas worth exploring.

Light Up the Place

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Lighting is fundamental to photography. It sets the ambiance of the background and affects the appearance of people's complexions. While these factors can now be edited on a screen, the results are much better if you naturally get the lighting right.

Consider trading in any costly incandescent lighting you might have for sleeker more affordable options like LED strip lighting. It covers a larger area and can easily be adjusted whenever necessary. If you are worried about brightness and hues, don't be, try out strips with 5730 LEDs. They are powerful and capable of illuminating a room quite brightly without a glare. Their lighting hues can also be set from white to warm.

Invest in mobile lighting options too for outdoor shoots. Ring lights would be ideal for portraits while kickstand lights and photography umbrellas would be suitable for wider shoots. 

Value Addition

Formal portraits are of the main reasons people visit photography studios. Most people prefer to get them professionally done because they need them to be flawless. These are mostly images that they would put in their CVs, book jackets, websites, and similar business-related functions.

One of the ways you add value to this service would be to partner with make-up artists and image consultants. In doing so, you would make your studio a one-stop-shop. Clients would no longer have to get their makeup done across town before a shoot or bring along their makeup team. They could simply work with the team you have on site. The selling point here is convenience. 

An image consultant would add value to your services by advising your clients on how to elevate their public image. This could include grooming and posture tips. It is a unique service that many people require but is seldom offered.

Create Service Packages

Service packages are a great marketing tool because clients feel they are getting more value. The trick here is in finding a way to match value and competitive pricing. Take some to evaluate what services would you cluster in different packages as well. 

In addition to photo session durations and photo quantities, you could include special venues in various packages. This could include different settings such as beaches, mountain resorts, or elegant restaurants and hotels. Clients would likely appreciate such a perk for functions such as engagement or maternity shoots. It would, however, require you to negotiate friendly rates with local venues

Upgrade Your Equipment

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The quality of your cameras is the anchor of your entire enterprise. Your skills could be impeccable but if your camera is below par, it will negate all your hard work. Granted, quality gear is expensive but keep in mind that it is a long-term investment. 

It is essential that you additionally consider new approaches to photography. Drones, for example, are now the go-to solution for aerial shots. Try and include them in your equipment upgrade list for purposes of staying current with industry trends. Do find out what the drone regulations are in your jurisdiction though before you invest in one. 

Diversify Your Skillset

Limiting your photography services to one niche could limit your business opportunities. It may be lucrative to try and expand your scope to accommodate the needs of a wider base of clients. Food photography, for instance, is a budding niche of photography that could grow your studio to new heights. Moreover, commercial brands are likely to offer more long-term and lucrative contracts than individual clients.


Photography is part talent and part skill. The truth is, everyone may have a smartphone but not everyone understands lighting, shadows, or contrast. Yet, these are the crucial aspects that define quality pictures. In light of this, instead of packing up your studio, harness these new advancements to your advantage. Sometimes, disruption is an opportunity, not a death knell.


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