5 Benefits to Living off the Grid

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Since online technology has been so invasive and in a privacy grey area, the idea of living off the grid has been more popular than ever. Welcome to our Living off the Grid Web site. We offer topics ranging from solar power to tiny homes to instructions for doing projects yourself. Perhaps the following five benefits to living off the grid will help your decision.

1) No more electricity bills

Although it’s possible to pay for electricity, you can go bill-free if planned well. One way to power your home is using solar power. Solar power is the most popular method to power a home off the grid. It’s a one-time cost for equipment and no monthly payment for the electricity. Be sure you have batteries to store the power if you’ll need electricity during the night. Buying all the equipment necessary for solar power can be expensive. So make sure you plan before going off the grid.

2) No more unnecessary items

Downsizing your life can be tough. Getting rid of unnecessary items will be a challenge for many people. While living off the grid, you won’t need expensive furniture or all of those cups, plates and silverware in your cabinets. Think about your essentials for living and get rid of the rest. Those unnecessary items will cost you valuable space.

3) No more expensive habits

Drinking and smoking aren’t the only expensive habits. Shopping, partying and eating out also can add to your expenses. Certainly some habits are harder to break than others, though I imagine the habit of shopping isn’t one of them. By living off the grid, you avoid shopping centers, malls and Wal-Mart.

4) Make some dietary changes

While living off the grid, you can grow your own fruits and vegetables. You can still go into town and shop for organic, natural food. You won’t need to go out and hunt for your meat as a pure survivalist, unless you want to do so. Living off the grid doesn’t mean being a social recluse or staying away from town, though I doubt you will want to go into town often.

5) Live debt-free

Owning your house off the grid allows you to live debt-free. No more loans or mortgages to pay off. If you take out a mortgage for your new home, perhaps a lower water and electricity bill will go a long way in paying your mortgage off.
Credit cards may also not be used since you will find a lesser need for them. If you have a balance on those cards, again, having a lower water and electricity bill will go a long way.

Living off the grid isn’t only for the single person but also for the family. You can design your own home for your family. It’s great. Everyone can experience a life without technology, even if for a short time on vacation.

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