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With an attractive design and innovative security solutions , DOM UP ™ 2 trees simply to settle sustainably thanks to an ingenious system of fasteners that leave no trace on the trunks . This is what we call the NO TRACE .

Its implementation takes no more than two days and its price is half that of equivalent cabins.

Wherever you are , we offer a fitting service and maintenance near you .DOM'UP ™ has been designed to be set up and maintained by the players in this vast network of People Tree , the largest international network of professionals from the tree that much as we are signatories to the European Charter of L ' accreditation tree. 

For many of us, the treehouse represents a golden period in our lives, when we unknowingly risked life and limb to scurry up a sturdy oak tree and read a dirty magazine in our non-OSHA-approved, dad-built treehouse. We’re happy to report you can now return to those glory days – without bothering dad – withDom’Up, a suspension style cabin that promises to take your outdoor adventures to new heights.

Dutch arboriculturist Bruno de Grunne and architect Nicolas d’Ursel from Trees and People are behind this innovative invention that features a UV-resistant roof made from durable thermo-welded tarpaulin. The lightweight 172 sq. ft. platform gets hung between two trees, as the galvanized steel and natural (and removable) wooden flooring round out the support. The makers say Dom’Up ($28,215) does take a couple of days to fully set up, but that it can then stay elevated in the trees for years.

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