Super Spacious Dream Tiny House

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When Antje wanted to build her own small dream house but was told that she must construct a home greater that 150 square meters, she started to look for alternatives. After spending some time researching her option on the internet, she decided that a Tiny House on wheels would be perfect for her needs. 

Although tiny when compared to normal homes, by tiny house standards,Antje’s dwelling is impressively large and spacious. Measuring 3m (10ft) x 8m (26ft) x 4.2m (14ft) the home is a little bit wider than most Tiny Homes in NewZealand, which are usually under 2.5m (8ft) wide to allow for easier transport on the road. The exterior of this home is clad in a mixture of cedar and colour-steel giving the home a warm, yet modern look. 

Inside, the home is wonderfully light and spacious. With a very open-plan design and a definite charm radiating throughout the house. From her sleeping loft Antje has a wonderful view, not only of her own downsized grand design, but also the beautiful country-side surrounding her.

AlthoughAntje worked with a builder to construct the home, her own personal touches can be found all throughout the Tiny House, such as this sofa that she constructed from pallet wood found on the side of the road. 

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