Larry's Stolen Tiny-House Found and Returned To Him! ~Thank You!

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New Update!  The Tiny House was recovered and returned to Las Vegas in the early hours this morning. Unfortunately and as expected the thieves destroyed the inside of the tiny house. Items of theft include. I 40" smart tv, propane, weber grill, Sirius radio, cooper wiring, two tires, and more. The thieves destroyed the door, back wall, interior walls. I am now in the process of going through the remaining items and I will start rebuilding as money and time permit. Thank you for your help in sharing, donating, and ultimately finding my tiny house. I am now raising only what I need to repair and replace. After I reach my goal of 2000.00 I will be closing down this Gofundme page. You can continue to follow me via facebook microtinyhouse page or my personal page to watch videos of the damages and repairs to come. Again THANK YOU!  ~Larry




Here is the previous story as it was detailed during the loss of the trailer:  

So as frustrating as this has been for Larry, it seems every day provides a glint of hope.  All of you have spread the word around so terrifically, that there's a 50 State Bulletin out with law enforcement, and the sightings keep coming in, and it's on the move!  If you see it coming your way, do please keep an eye out!  If you can snap a photo of a driver and / or plates that would be great!  Also call 911 asap with location and direction!  Each sighting that comes in has been sent a day or two after, and they're long gone again.  

1/5/17  Thanks to everybody sharing the story around and helping spread word, the tiny-house was spotted at the Flying-J truck stop in Caldwell Idaho!  If you know anybody in that area, please share around.  If seen, call 541-966-3651 case #17-0004.  

Yesterday:  Hi. I was just watching a story on KTVB news. They were showing the ice on the Payette river, and it sure looked like the tiny house was prominently pictured. Check it out with KTVB! Not sure how to get the footage, but that house is distinctive. Good luck! 

Today at 5:01 PM:  Hello! I saw your tiny home two days ago January the 6th at around ten o'clock pm. It was at the gas station connected to the Walmart parking lot on Caldwell Blvd Caldwell Idaho. The home had a tarp bungee corded around the top. Hope it is found!

Latest:  Seen on a flat bed trailer with a black tarp around it in Brigham Utah.  No further detail.

Above is about where it was last seen, and has been steadily moving SouthEast.  Eyes out in Salt Lake City Interstates 15 and 80 to determine it's next direction.  

If you didn't read the story previously, here's what happened.... also be sure to watch the video below...

"My custom built tiny house and all of my belongings was stolen on 12/31/2016 from a truck stop in Hermiston Oregon.  I was in the process of moving to Nevada when I got stuck in a horrible snow storm and could not drive further until the storm passed.  I was forced to leave my house under watch at a truck stop.  I was in the process of going back when the weather cleared to recover my home.  Unfortantely someone broke the hitch lock and stole the house that I built with ALL of my possessions.  Many which cannot be replaced because of sentimental value.  Any and all help would be appreciated.    The photos shown was the last place it was seen.  At one Stop truck stop in Hemiston Oregon.  If you have seen this house please call 911 and contact the Umitilla Oregon sherrifs office."

"I built it over the course of 6 months, and started living in it about 3 or four months ago, and it was my main living situation here in Nevada where I was originally from."

The trailer was stolen from:  One Stop Mart 28810 Stafford Hansel Rd.  Hermiston Oregon right off the 84.  If you have any details, call 911, or you may send an email to, and I will forward the information.  

I called Larry, and he told me the story.  Here is that phone call (and pictures of his travels):  

A Gofundme has been set up to help Larry deal with the loss and / or replace his tiny house.  Should it be recovered, he'll need to take a trip to pick it up and salvage what he can.  None of this is easy or cheap.  He says a profound thank you to everyone for sharing the story, and a profound thanks to those who are helping financially.


Larry really loves to be a part of the outdoors, so the tiny-house life is a great fit for him!  

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