Stealth Housing For When Building Codes Are Erroneous and Unconstitutional

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Some live in vans, some live in RV's, somewhere between living in a home and homelessness are millions of people who are making due, finding a way, being creative and resourceful.  For travelers, retirees, explorers, and those needing a break from the status quo, this cool live-in solar powered truck might just be the right idea to take your dream to the next level. 

Check it out:

Seller's description <<

This is a one of a kind camper. I paid 5k for the truck spent 15k on materials and spent a year of weekends building it. It has 6 to 8 inches of insulation throughout so the temperature stays nice. It has 250 watts of solar and a 110 inverter. 90 gallons of water and a on demand water heater for outside showers and a deep sink for dishes. The steps to the bed area hold 5 milk creates perfect. There is a porta pottie so no black tank to fuss with. This is the ultimate stealth camper the wife and I just spent 5 months exploring Florida to figure out where we wanted to plant new roots. We were able to park and stay in this where all other RV would have been chased off. This will make a great stealth camper or even a good guest bedroom for the next owner. 454 big block just had a rebuilt transmission installed in it. Any questions don't hesitate. It has a clean Florida title converted to motorhome so insurance will be easy for you.  Click Here to go to the original listing.  It's for sale for $25,000.00

Ahh... the storage compartmentWait, what?  It looks like a truck but... what was that I just saw? Yup I'm Drooling over the off-grid coolishness factor hereWhat a creative shower design - still standing on the topside deck.  Love it!

Gotta Dig the fur... makes it feel warmer insideSpace-savers everywhere, and the knotty pine and cedar walls look so cabin-esqueYup DOT Officer, you don't have a right to pull me over like a truck because I really am just a camper

Shall we start coming up with names for this newly begun tradition.  I mean, really, we went from tiny homes to Container houses.  This really is the next big thing...   Housetruck, TruckHouse, TruckHome, Commercial Rollerhouse, ... yeah, I'm getting outta control here.  Looks like a desk to me  :)I'm not totally sure where that door leads... but I'm guessing the side porch? The kitchen Cabinet... yeah... I love it too.

I still can't get over it.  My eyes don't want to believe it when I see the outside, then see the inside.  Does not compute.  I bet the building inspector won't know what to say either.  Hands down the winner of this years Living Off the Grid CompetitionSleeping QuartersI see... office, kitchen, table, bedroom.... all in one here.  Stunning.  So the last thing I want to know is... is there a backup exit for if someone shuts you in from the roll-up door?  I'm assuming this inventive creator has thought of everything.  



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