Tiny Homes Come To Watertown

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Florida is a conundrum when it comes to construction laws, since homes must be built to hurricane codes to keep them from blowing away in the wind, yet there is a huge and growing mobile home and rv population which have no such codes. 


Now along comes tiny homes to the cute little town of Matlacha, and it's a great fit!  Matlacha is a little tourist town just outside the Grid-Only city of Cape Coral.  And though the Capers might call them the misfits, the outcasts and unfit for Florida, Matlacha is embracing the tiny-house movement in stride! 

Matlacha is a mixture of beautiful little homes, eclectic mobile homes, and a bit of a blast from wonderland, but it's really all about the water!  People come for the amazing fishing, the close proximity to the outer islands - Sanibel, Captiva, North Captiva, and the ability to go boating to the best little island paradises that the Continental U.S. has to offer!  If you live for the water, you don't have to have a big house to leave behind, say some of the locals.  A tiny house is perfect! 

And in today's world, when you head out to sea, you can Air B & B and make a little money off your place.  There may be a lot of naysayers, worried about home values in Cape Coral, but now considered the fastest growing town in the U.S, there needs to be room for everyone who comes running from the cold up north.  

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It’s a tiny change that owners say will have a much larger impact. The zoning ordinances for these tiny homes are through Lee County.  The Matlacha tiny home village will officially open on February 3. 

See... traditional Matlacha - they'll fit right in!  

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