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Stored in a hideaway under the tiled kitchen, this table and accompanying bench seats slide out and fold up for entertaining your friends. For a little extra space during balmy summer days, the glass windows and large sliding garage door open up to make the main kitchen area a large and enjoyable open air room. Prices for one of these striking homes starts at $79,000.

The Alpha Tiny House was featured on HGTV’s "Tiny House, Big Living," Season 3, Episode 9. Check local listings. Also available to watch on Amazon and iTunes.

This beautiful, innovative tiny house gets her looks from the wonderful contrast of material and style.  Its modern aesthetic is contrasted with beautiful natural, textured materials: clean modern lines and large glass windows,shousugi ban cedar siding and mechanical seam metal roof, hardwood floors and reclaimedbarnwood ceiling. Coupled with closed cell spray foam insulation andTypar rain screen and moisture barrier, you’d be warm and dry at the bottom of the ocean.  

Among the Alpha’s stand out features is a custom fold down deck and awning, tempered glass garage door, a giant sliding glass door, and a custom 8 person dining table. Multi functionality and a maximization of space are the calling cards of this tiny house. Everything about the design and materials in this home are the highest luxury.

via NewFrontierTinyHomes

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