This Tiny House is 100% Self Sustainable

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Tiny house's have been key in the minimalist lifestyle and pivotal in sustainable homes. There are so many cool tiny homes we could do stories on, and we have, but this one is pretty sweet and we couldn't resist!

It's technically an off-grid caravan, but Australian manufacturers have created the "Wohnwagon".   Wrapped in a rounded, larch-clad shell, this charming mobile home is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient gem built with locally sourced natural and recycled materials, a green roof, and solar panels.  It can be towed anywhere and fits within a footprint of a parking spot.

The green roof insulates the home and keeps it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Solar photovoltaic rooftop panels generate renewable energy that can be stored in batteries located in the caravan’s false bottom.

They were able to maximize their little square feet by having an additional pull out bed underneath the couch.

The bathroom is equipped with a composting toilet.

Rainwater and gray water are collected, recycled, and treated for drinking water, household uses, or as irrigation water for the green roof.

Triple-glazed windows punctuate the larch shell, bringing in natural light and framing views.

The Wohnwagon is able to be mass produced as well with customization options.

Source: inhabitat

Check out this video of the Wohnwagon:

Source: David Wolfe

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