Solar Panels With 100x less silicon.. Micro-thin and more efficient on the way!

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Rayton Solar has paved the way to the the next step in solar technology innovation with the ability to use 100x less silicon than was previously possible, and produce increased efficiency through laser technology.  With R&D out of the way, they are working to get their technology implemented to current factory production of solar panels. Company Founder Andrew Yakub discusses the technology:

Through the combination of new technology and rapid successful integration, the solar marketplace continues to reduce the costs of energy production by sunlight.  This looks like a fantastic next step in the right direction!

Andrew Yakub - CEO and founder
Andrew is a particle beam physicist and clean technology entrepreneur who decided to take his unique perspective and create the most efficient solar panel with Rayton Solar. A solar finance and installment expert who has previous experience founding and growing ReGen America Inc. to over a $15 Million business, Andrew is dedicated to clean energy that will last. Combined with his experience at UCLA’s Particle Beam Physics Lab and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Andrew hopes to bring his unique perspective to the solar panel industry. He received his Bachelor's in Physics from UCSB. His combination of business and technical experience along with his passion for renewable energy will lead to Rayton Solar's success. 

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