What's Worse? The Virus or the Cure?

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President Donald Trump tweeted that we can’t let the cure be worse than the pandemic.  If we utterly wipe out our economy, recovery could be a decade.  At what point do poor people start to suffer because they have no access to food, and looting begins?  Is a nation who mourns loss of life worse than one where chaos, looting and violence could become a means to avoid starvation?  So he’s going to have to choose and follow a path for our nation as to whether we allow mass death by the virus, and bury our loved ones, or we have turmoil and chaos over food.  It’s a choice of grief or turmoil for our nation.  But is there a middle ground?  I suggest that there may be:

The virus spreads by touch, by water droplets in a sneeze, a cough.  You put your hand over your mouth when you sneeze, you grab your wallet, touch your money, pay the clerk at the gas station, they touch their eye, and now they’re infected.  What if we turned our focus to Corona Free business models.  We already have strict requirements among restaurants and grocery stores.  That’s why food is packaged in plastic or cans as contamination free.


As I go about my daily life, I see major problems with simple solutions.  I see that they closed the beaches in Florida.  The real problem isn’t people on the beach.  It is that everyone touches the door handle to go in the bathroom, and the sink faucet to turn on the water, or the button to start the blower to dry your hands.  It’s that to get to the beach requires gas, and everyone who pumps gas is at risk of spreading disease by touching the pump. 

I believe it is possible to move forward with Corona-free business models that help to reduce the spread of the virus. 

What if the beach bathroom installed motion activated doors like the grocery store, and was sure to have automatic sensor toilets, sinks, and towel dispensers or hand dryers.  What if gas stations all followed the model that Oregon does that an attendant fills the tank for you.  Therefore one attendant handles his or her pumps for the day, and nobody else is to touch them. 

I was at Dollar General yesterday.  There was a pile-up at the line.  I watched with a contagious eye how the checker handled the goods.  I set my things on the counter.  She touched every one of them to scan them and put them in my bags.  She’s touching things that every customer has handled.  The new checker-less systems are much more contagion-free designs, and we must adopt more of those. 

I see restaurants doing a great job of cleaning and making more room for patrons.  Since business models were designed around use of space and seating, many restaurants with half-full buildings will fail financially, but we have to try to adopt new ways to prevent the spread of disease. 

What great ideas do you have to change the way certain business models run to be contagion free and move forward with life?

~David Webster

Founder:  Living off the Grid and Offgridquest.com

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