This Bowfin Fish Keeps Wigglin While Dishin' It Out

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How is this even possible?!

  • The bowfin is gutted and completely clean of its internal organs
  • As the woman holds it with a towel suddenly the fish moves around
  • It appears to go to attack her, despite not having a head, and falls into sink
  • Shocked filmmaker says: 'I don’t believe this, his muscles are still moving'

A dead and decapitated fish stunned a woman when it began moving around in her hand while she was trying to scale it – and the bizarre moment was captured on camera.

In the video, the fish is shown to be completely gutted and clean of its internal organs and its motionless head is filmed resting in the sink.

The woman uses a towel to stop the fish – which the filmmaker explains is a bowfin – from slipping out of her hands as she holds its tail in place. 

IT'S ALIVE! Beheaded fish insists on not staying dead

The woman cuts the head off the bowfin, which she drops into the sink, and begins scaling the fish 

The footage reveals that the fish has been completely gutted and cleaned of its internal organs

Suddenly the whole fish turns and jumps at her, as if attempting to attack without its head – this causes the woman to stumble backwards in shock.

Repeating the process the lady holds the fish once again, and this time it wriggles more violently and falls from the chopping board and into the sink.

The man, who is believed to be from North America, responds by saying: ‘I don’t believe this,’ adding: ‘His muscles are still moving, his muscles still work.’

The woman then says: ‘Nerves, muscles, everything,’ as the front of the headless fish turns towards her once more.

You'll never take me alive! The dead fish appears to try and attack the woman despite not having a head

The video concludes with the lady taking the knife to the fish and scaling it.

But every time she applies pressure to the bowfin, it immediately responds by attempting to break free from her grasp.

The footage, which was posted to YouTube, has received a number of comments from people attempting to explain what is going on.

User Gol D. Rogers wrote: ‘It's because there is a nerve in the spine. The body is controlled by two parts, the brain and the spinal cord.


The startled woman jumps out of the way as the bowfin wriggles out of her hands and falls into the sink

‘The body can still move around even if the head is severed, because the spinal cord can still send impulse to the body.’

While William Bradey commented: ‘It's the same thing that causes a snake to wriggle after you chop its head off or if your heart gets ripped out and keeps beating.

‘It's not that it's alive, it's the nerves doing their job. The brain is gone but the spine and nerves are still there and still active.

‘The muscles still hold energy in them and can continue to move on their own. This, however, is a reflex.

In the clip, the video maker can be heard saying: ‘I don’t believe this, his muscles are still moving, his muscles still work’

‘When something happens, say you touch something hot, you involuntarily snatch your hand away. The signal does not have to reach your brain for that to happen.

‘It just needs to activate the muscles in that area while it goes to the brain. Your body does this to minimise risk and damage. This is the same thing happening here.

‘The muscles are being stimulated by your hands and knife and are simply reacting. Again, it's not alive, it's not trying to bite you, it doesn't feel anything, it is 100 per cent dead.’ 

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