Theres A Reason Why Texans Are So Tough, Preppers Through and Through

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With a heritage of cowboys and the history of the old west, Texans have been known for their hearty souls.  

While the nation stocks up on weapons worried about the importation of Muslim refugees and the possibility that ISIS will find their way across the borders, the true battlefield in Texas has more to do with the sky than it does people.  

Texans are resiliant as they recover year after year from tornadoes, hail the size of softballs, and endless lightning as the supercells pass.  They take shelter together with family and neighbors and are quite the God fearing and praying bunch.  It's no wonder they are naturally preppers, but that's just a part of everyday life.  They don't think of it as something out of the ordinary, but a part of being a Texan.  In light of a stormy night, everything else is mild in comparison.  

The headlines that follow with yesterdays deadly tornadic storm include much death and destruction.  "If you're not from around here, you would think you're in a war zone."  Stated a Garland Texas local.  "If you're a local, you're on the porch watching the storm.  If you're visiting for Christmas, you were probably hunkered down in the bathtub."  "The good news is, weather reports are much more precise these days.  If they tell you to take cover, then do step into the bunker."  The weathermen will tell you if it's headed your way, and cell phone warnings are fantastic.  That said, sometimes it's hard to run for cover when it's pouring hail outside, so it's good to plan ahead where you're going to be when the storm is coming.  

Our hearts and prayers go out to those lost in yesterdays storms in this unseasonably harsh December weather.  The effects of El Nino are disrupting weather throughout the nation as this cold swath cuts harshly through the deep south producing Severe Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Flooding, Freezing Rain, and Blizzard Conditions behind it all.  

Texas is a beautiful place with much diversity and beauty!  They will recover quickly.  The construction industry in Texas and Oklahoma is second to none.  Send your prayers and support if you are able.  Those who had poor insurance policies (which are usually older homes), and the uninsured / underinsured need help and support.  You can reach out to them with support here at the Red Cross.

A scene of Texas' Unique and diverse beauty

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