The Gas-less Chain Saw: Now Who's Ready To Try This!?

Categories: Survival

Everybody loves a good chainsaw, but typically they don't fit in your pocket. On top of that, they are heavy, loud and dangerous. Replace the gasoline engine of a standard chainsaw with your arms and you've got a portable and versatile tool for cutting firewood or trimming trees. It isn't nearly as fast as a motorized chain saw, but it is faster than most other hand held saws and it is much more portable....Picture of Manual Chainsaw  IMG_5899 (1).jpg DSC_0558.jpg DSC_0512.jpg IMG_5906.jpg

For this project you'll need a chain saw chain, some nylon webbing, some waxed linen thread some paracord or similar nylon string, a needle, a hack saw or band saw, and a few matches:

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