Survival Tips: Prepping with Pets

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At Survival Life, survival tips are not exclusively for humans; we also have some for your pets. Domesticated animals make life much better, happier and more fulfilled. It’s hard to say just how much our pets mean to us. For many of us, they are truly like family.

If you love your pets like I do, then you want to do everything in your power to make sure they are safe, healthy and protected in an emergency. This story about Bailey, a dog who recently fell into frigid Lake Michigan, really tugged at my heartstrings and got me thinking about what I would do to protect my pets in this kind of situation.

Bailey, a golden Labrador, escaped her family and ended up jumping into a semi-frozen Lake Michigan. Luckily for Bailey, she jumped in right next to some Coast Guard members, who immediately ran to the dogs rescue.

The rescue took 20 minutes, precious time in which hypothermia could have set in, but the brave crew was able to pull Bailey out and get her to a local animal shelter, where she received treatment and was returned to her family. A heroic story that highlights just how important it is to make sure our animals are safe during difficult weather.

(Click here to read the full story.)

Many pets aren’t so lucky, and sadly many are lost to the elements when a disaster strikes and their owners are not prepared to take care of them under such circumstances.

So I wanted so share some survival tips for prepping with pets. Following these tips will help you make sure your pets are safe, healthy and happy — no matter what.

Survival Tips: Prepping with Pets

One thing is for certain: in a survival situation, you don’t want your furry friends to be left behind. Whether you choose to bug out or stay put, you want your pet to be as safe as the rest of the family.

As preppers, we also need to include pets in getting ready for any emergency. In a previous post, we talked about having a plan for your beloved critter when SHTF. Now we have put together some survival tips for prepping with pets. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section.

1. Start getting ready now: ID your pet

One of the most practical survival tips is getting proper identification for your pet.

Make sure that your cat or dog is wearing a collar and identification that is up to date and visible at all times. You’ll increase your chances of being reunited with a lost pet by having him or her microchipped.If your pet is adopted from a shelter or rescue organization, make sure the registration has been transferred to you and is not still with the adoptiongroup.Put your cell phone number on your pet’s tag. It may also be a good idea to include the phone number of a friend or relative outside your immediate area—in case you have had to evacuate. 

2. Arrange a safe haven

The best survival tips for pets include arranging a shelter when you need to evacuate. Via Stafford Boarding Kennel

Arrange a safe haven for your pets in the event of evacuation. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS BEHIND. Remember, if it isn’t safe for you, it isn’t safe for your pets. They may become trapped or escape and be exposed to numerous life-threatening hazards. Note that not all Red Cross disaster shelters accept pets, so it is imperative that you have determined where you will bring your pets ahead of time:

Contact your veterinarian for a list of preferred boarding kennels and facilities.
Ask your local animal shelter if they provide emergency shelter or foster care for pets.
Identify hotels or motels outside of your immediate area that accept pets.
Ask friends and relatives outside your immediate area if they would be willing to take in your pet.

3. Shelter in place

Among the survival tips for pets, building a safe place for them at home is a good move. ViaInstructables

When sheltering at home with your pet, make sure the room chosen is pet-friendly in the following ways:
Select a safe room, preferably an interior room with no (or few) windows.
Remove any toxic chemicals or plants.
Close off small areas where frightened cats could get stuck in (such as vents or beneath heavy furniture).

4. Keep their health in check

Survival tips for pets should always include their health. Via

Make sure you take them to the vet every year prior to a state of emergency. Doing so will keep them current with their shots and ensure that they’re in good health. 

5. First Aid supplies

Survival tips for pets will not be complete without having a first aid kit. Via lifehacker

Some basic first aid supplies (e.g. gauze, sports tape) could be used for pet first aid, other items might need to be more pet specific. Pick up a pet first aid kit which includes items recommended by the Red Cross. Many varieties of pet first aid kits can easily be found on places like Amazon.

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