This giant ball could save your life in a tsunami (Video)

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The pods are designed to hold up to 16 people and remain water tight while allowing those inside the breathe fresh air

When you live by the ocean, there is always that possibility of a tsunami following an earthquake, volcano eruption, landslide, or other large cataclysmic event across the sea.  We are all taught that when the ocean recedes, that we need to take it to heart that there could be something tremendous on the way, and to go to higher ground. 

While growing up in California, I understood the concern, and knew that there was plenty of high ground around, so it wasn't much of a worry.  Now that I'm in Florida, and knowing that the only high ground is a freeway bridge or highrise building, there is a real concern that a powerful tsunami could wash across the entire state, and wipe it clean, and without enough warning, there would be no place to go.  For islands and places like Florida, where you might have minutes or hours to get someplace safe, and traffic in a warning situation might be at a standstill,  those who are prepared with a tsunami survival pod may be among few survivors in certain areas of future catastrophe.  

The tsunamis both in Idonesia and in Japan following large earthquakes have served to inspire and motivate a number of great life-saving ideas.  Watch this footage of the Japanese Tsunami if you have any doubts such a device could be necessary:

A British inventor designed the survival pods which could save thousands of lives if such a natural disaster was to occur.

The compact two-person capsules are metal cages covered in an aircraft-grade aluminium shell and are lined with a ceramic thermal blanket which protects occupants from fires.


Users would be able to crawl inside the protective ball and harness themselves into a secure seat.

Footage released by Survival Capsule, show the invention being tested out.

When a natural disaster strikes, whether it is a tsunami or earthquake, there are very few places to find shelter. 

But now, The Survival Capsule - a personal safety system in the form of a giant ball - has been designed to combat this issue. 

The concept was first envisioned by Julian Sharpe after the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami, which took the lives of approximately 225,000 people.

He said: 'Modern day early warning systems can save anywhere up to 90% of a population, but that final 10 per cent are most likely going to perish. 

'In a tsunami which is exposing 2.5 million people, then that 10 per cent becomes a quarter of a million, and that's a large number. To get that down to only one or two per cent, this is an option.' 

Although the company has not yet said now much one will cost, it is currently taking pre-orders on its website.

via Facebook,  DailyMail,  They are now taking orders:   

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