Puerto Rico Is Devastated. Live Storm Vidoes

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If you've never seen Snap Chat, there is a great newer mapping feature that allows you to see what's going on in the world.  Those snaps disappear within 24 hours, never to be seen again, but with a storm like Puerto Rico, some of the stories should be preserved.  It has become a phenomenon to see what's going on before the storms, and then see the real life stories during and after.  I watched snaps for Barbuda before Irma, and ever since, it has been dark.  The same for Dominica.  

Puerto Rico is large enough that there's still a few places with internet signals to get out and whatnot, and we are able to continue to glimpse the happenings.  Many of them are not good.  

We have friends and friends of friends all over Puerto Rico, and our prayers are with them.  They will have some serious rebuilding to do.  Thankfully many structures have concrete roofs.  That's great for the winds, but cannot stop the floods.  

Many stayed in shelters. 

Puerto Rico is said to be without power, and 4-6 months to bring it back on line for all.  

Varying degrees of flooding are throughout the island

Most trees did not survive....... most wooden things did not survive

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