Mind Blowing! Paragliding is not a hobby. It’s a post apocalyptic survival skill.

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Imagine for a moment that the world had gone to $&%#. World War III had broken out and civilisation as you knew it had ended. Militia groups and armed gangs were now in control of the oil, water, and food supplies, resulting in millions of people fleeing the cities only to be captured and enslaved.

Everyone you had ever known had not gotten out in time, either getting caught in the crossfire, or starving not long after.

It’s a real mess!

But by some miracle, you managed to get out. You were smart and headed for higher ground– taking your chances in the mountains where you could attempt to live off the land.

There’s only one BIG problem...

Your nearest mountain range is remote, and bare. It’s NOT the most resource rich place in the world. In order to gather the necessary resources to survive, you somehow need to figure out how to cross hundreds of miles over rugged, wild, and largely un-walkable mountain terrain.

But you don’t have a vehicle, though, and even if you did, it would require fuel which is controlled by a very unfriendly bunch. Not worth the risk...

You’ve come this far, but things aren't looking so good.

Well, if you had modern paragliding gear, you’d be sorted!

Why exactly?

Because paragliders enable humans to fly hundreds of miles in a given day–thousands of metres above the ground–and require no fuel source. That’s not entirely true, sorry. They use the sun as a “fuel” source.

Here’s how it works.

The sun heats the surface of the Earth and some parts heat up quicker than others, causing hot spots to form. These hotspots then heat the air they’re in contact with creating bubbles of hot air that release from the Earth’s surface in the form of columns of rising air. Otherwise known as thermals.

Paragliding pilots learn to harness these currents of rising air to climb at rates that can exceed 10 metres a second–that’s faster than most small aircrafts are able to climb!

Armed with a paraglider, you’d be able to fly from one mountain to another, cross from one valley into the next, one thermal at a time. With this ability to harness the elements you could fly great distances in search of food, water, and shelter, without the need for fuel, and without creating any unnecessary noise. You would be free to soar the skies.

Think this is too far fetched?

Let jump back to 2016, today, now.

It’s 2016, and this adventurer is crowdfunding his next paragliding expedition where he aims to show the world what it takes to learn how to hike and fly over 1000 km of Tian-shan, Asia. He’s already raised over £2,671, however, unless he can raise the remaining £929 before the 10th of Jan (this Sunday) the project might not survive long enough for him to show us that paragliding is not just a hobby. It’s a post apocalyptic survival skill.

If you think it’s cool that humans can soar like birds with a flying machine that fits into a backpack, and can be used to cross 1000 km using only the sun’s energy and wind, please help him raise the remaining amount by making a small pledge today at:  thermal-crossings

Check out the crowdfunding video for more details


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