Making Firewood The Old Way

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By using John Neeman tools, the subject in this video shows the viewer the old-fashioned way to cut, saw, and split wood. As you would think, the first step in the process is to identify a worthy tree—specifically one that lends itself to easy work and good heat. A solid specimen might be a tree with little lumber value, and little "ecosystem services."

Our subject starts by felling the tree. This is done by chopping two notches with a sharpened axe on opposite sides of the tree. The side with which you want the tree to fall, should have the lower notch. This doesn't always happen, so we strongly recommend taking a tree felling / lumberjack course. Once the tree falls, you need to remove lateral branches. At this point our young lumberjack begins to saw the tree in 18 inch sections. Once the sections have been sawn, a Finnish splitting axe is used to make short work of splitting the wood.

The finished firewood can either be air-dried or fire-dried, as is show in the video.

Making firewood. The old way. Using John Neeman tools American Felling Axe and Finnish splitting axe. Both axes has Silversteel laminates in the blades.

Perhaps our subject skipped the drying and just let the newly split logs burn. In either case, now you have seen the three steps involved in making firewood the old-fashioned way.

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