How to live Off the Grid and the secrets of doing it with very Little to No Money

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In this great article written by Andrew McKay for Survival Mastery dot com, you get an in depth look into living off the gird with very little to no money at all. Andrew starts his article first of all defining what living of the grid means, followed by the idea of doing it with no money and the philosophy behind it.

This philosophy follows certain bullet points like:

  • Everything in the world is Free
  • Avoid wasting anything!
  • Adhere to doing only the things you really want with your time
  • Communal Life
  • Living is not about surviving this is not the Hunger Games
  • Wake up when the sun comes out and go to sleep when it sets

He also tries to describe the kind of people that chooses this lifestyle and tries to go in depth with the subject of living off the grid with no money in regards to:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Initial Needs and Investment
  • Waste Disposal
  • Seasonal Needs
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Activities to Do
  • Needs of Communication
  • Hospital and Mediccal Care
  • Gardening and Farming
  • Cooking
  • Petting
  • Exploring
  • and Trading your skills and using the barter system

He ends his article Encouraging you to be proud, independent and content by living the way you want, and not the way other people want you to live... after all it's your Life!! You might as well enjoy it!!

Here is the full article, but to read the original, go to Survival Mastery following the link at the bottom of this article.

In the luxurious reality of today, living off-the grid might sound like a true scene of apocalypse, but the beauty of its self-sustenance makes one connect more with nature and natural living or perhaps just, living. Society, its inventions and discoveries have proved to handicap us more into dependency rather than enlightening us to use the same genius to be independent. Living off the grid refers to living without any dependence on the government, society and its products. 

For knowing how to live off the grid, one should be aware of being independent. Truly, we are mortals and hence are dependent on air, water and food as well as shelter, but does all these have to come at a cost of a 9-5 job or the bonus insomnia that comes with it, let alone endless stress?

Living off the grid calls out to live a life sans any employment under anybody so that you work hard to eat what you need and sustain yourself, on your own. In this case, all the time in the world belongs to your dreams, hopes and interests.


In our post-progressive era, we have too many definitions for anything and everything that living itself has branched out into the very antonyms that it should not be.  Centuries ago, every family sustained on its own as that was the grid.

The term off-grid refers to being, rid of any dependency for existence. Literally put, it means anyone living off the grid of government provided electricity.  In brief, it refers to families that survive on their own without depending on the society, government or public for any means of survival.

This is a cloud term to include that independent house, which has its own endless supply of water, electricity, gas, food and fabric. During an apocalyptic situation, such a house or family has no fluctuations in its energy supply, food or fabric production.

To make your own unlimited electricity, fuel, water and food requires a long stretch of productive hard work. In the course of time, man has started to misinterpret the purpose of life with getting employment or doing a job. To be a cogwheel under another’s bums is what the world preaches each one to be alive, healthy. A steady 5-day week for 50 years and your insurances insure you to be cleverly, packaged before rotting! That, perhaps is the gist of such a life lived being dependent on someone else.

Man living off grid with no money

True knowledge is free and true living comes without any shackles of knowledge, but with its omnipotence.  Living off the grid follows an amalgam of the aforementioned philosophies is concise brief of what living off the grid sans any money means. Along with barter system, when you live off the grid, you tend to make enough money for any emergency you might have.

With having a land on your own, backyard garden and computer in the garage, living-off the grid and making unnecessary few bucks en route is truly the right route to take. In order to understand how to live on your own, start with doing what you love the most.


Re-wild is not just a fancy word but also an opportunity to resurrect our wild instincts and be one with the wild, which is the purpose of our life. Some philosophies of this lifestyle are

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