In-Home DIY Handgun Kits Straddle Gun Laws And Serial Numbers

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Today on the internet you can find videos on how-to do just about everything, and you can order parts and kits to make things and do things yourself.  I recently discovered on my Chevrolet Traverse that the local tire shop wanted $380.00 to change out my headlight bulbs, so I found a Youtube on how to do it yourself in 10 minutes.  Just like that, it took me 10 minutes, and I feel like an experienced professional, my wife thinks I''m a hero, and I''ve got money in my billfold to boot!  

With the same simplicity you can buy a product called a Ghost Glock, which is in essence an 80% completed handgun lower, and follow online video instructions on how to complete the lower yourself. The U.S. department of justice has upheld the statute that 80% complete is not a gun, and does not  require a serial number or any form of registration for the kit, or to sell it across state lines - mail order fashion.  The kit allows the individual to complete the manufacturing process at home, and that is not illegal in the United States.  

Uppers are available from many sources online or at gun shows and shops without registration or complications.  It is a completed lower that requires registration in some states.  

Ghost Glock represents that it does not retain sales records of partials and upholds that the United States Constitution was written to keep citizens empowered, protected, and that collecting purchasing data on trusted citizens is unconstitutional.  

If you're a prepper, a bit worried about what might happen in the future with regards to human or constitutional rights, or worried that your purchases are being tracked and that just doesn't sound constitutional,  great Americans continue to innovate to protect their family's and keep themselves safe!  Here is a link to their web site, where they sell for $159.00
If you're worried about more citizens carrying firearms, I would say that the important thing is that responsible adults should be the ones carrying.  Chicago is the most gun restricted city in our nation, with one of the highest murder-by-gun statistics.  The reason is that guns are readily available all over the U.S.  So you can't have just one gun restricted town, because the only ones who carry are the criminals.  The police can't get to you fast enough for a gun crime, and when they do come with guns blazing, you never know who will get shot in the crossfire.  The best protection for your family is to be prepared yourself.  If you think that more gun restrictions on citizens is a good idea... you might try moving to Chicago and see what you think.  I've been there.  It's rough.  Lock your guns up in a safe when not on you or in use.  Be a responsible gun owner.  
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