Dog Fetches Lobsters From The Sea Floor

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Dogs can be trained to assist people in many things, from assisting the blind to opening doors, and naturally they choose to protect us from wild animals, and they show their love for their companion owners in many ways.  

Labrador retrievers were bred to retrieve things — it's right there in the name. But typically the dogs retrieve ducks and game and balls tossed across the backyard. Not lobsters, and surely not lobsters from the seabed.

Black labrador Lila has learned to retrieve something remarkable: lobsters lying on the seabed, several metres below the surface of the water. Trainer Alex Schulze, of the marine sustainability website Devoted to the Ocean, spent hours teaching his clever pet the unusual trick in a backyard pool.

With her tail wagging she dives to the bottom and comes back up with the lobster in her jaws.  

PS... according to one of our readers, lobster must be measured and no more than 1.4 lbs, also cannot take any female with eggs, at least Maine Lobsters.  So if you train your dog to fetch lobster, make sure he or she doesn't kill it until you make sure it's a legal take, or teach the dog to know the laws ;)


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