Distilling Saltwater With a $3.00 Contraption Could Save Your Life

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For those of you who live by the ocean, and have plenty of saltwater, this is a great simple solution that can be upsized to a larger version with a trash can and visqueen plastic, or your own creative designs.  

  1. Use a simple plastic bowl, and insert a collector cup in the center.
  2. Insert sea water into the large bowl.
  3. Install Clear Plastic Wrap onto the large bowl, and secure with a rubber band
  4. Put a rock in the center of clear wrap in order to cause evaporated water to flow down to the center and drip into the cup. 
  5. Place in sunlight and wait until water has dripped into the cup in the center.

Water that collects in the center cup will be free of salt.

Remove plastic wrap, and you have one cup of fresh water:

I have read different things about the amount of bacteria which may or may not be present, so to be safe, water should be boiled.  Or read this pdf on the presence of bacteria in this type of system in order to gain your own understanding and confidence on the topic.

Note:  The steeper the angle of the plastic, the better the production rate

So if you find yourself, like Gilligan, stranded on a deserted island, and all you have is saltwater, you may find yourself scrounging for plastic wrap and a bowl.  They could prove quite valuable!

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