50 Survival Items You Forgot To Buy

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If you’re reading this, you probably already know the basics: water, food storage, first aid, etc. But even hardcore survivalists can overlook things. In this post I want to mention 50 survival items you might have forgotten to buy.

I already mentioned several of these in the post, Unusual Survival Gear, but this is a much longer list. It’s not comprehensive, but hopefully it’ll remind you of a few things you still need to get. For everything on this list that you already have, give yourself a pat on the back.

1. Acoustic Instruments – For entertainment and morale.

2. Aluminum Foil – Great for all sorts of things like cooking food, boiling water, enhancing antennas, keeping sunlight out, etc.

3. Axes – How else will you chop firewood?

4. Baby Wipes – Really easy way to keep clean.

5. Baseballs, basketballs, footballs, etc. – Playing ball is a great way to stave off boredom and keep morale up during hard times. 

6. Bicycle Gear – If gasoline is in short supply, you might need your bike to get around. That means you’ll need a bike pump, extra tubes, etc.

7. Book lights – It’s difficult to read by candlelight and you don’t want to waste your flashlight’s batteries. Book lights are cheap and last a long time.

8. Books – You might be surprised how much free time you have after the SHTF. Now’s your chance to read those books you always meant to read (like Atlas Shrugged).

9. Bug Spray – There is usually a major lack of proper sanitation after a disaster, especially if there isn’t running water. That means there will be more roaches and other critters. There might also be a lot more mosquitoes.

10. Bullion Cubes – These make boring meals much more delicious.

11. Calendars – You’ll need a way to track the day and date if the power is out for a long time.

12. Candy – Huge morale booster during difficult times. Just don’t overdo it.

13. Cast Iron Cookware – If you’re cooking over a fire, your regular pots and skillets won’t cut it.

14. Cloth Diapers – Other than the obvious usage, these are also great for cleanups because they’re so absorbent.

15. Clothes Lines and Pins – Because your dryer will be a waste of space.

16. Condiments – Imagine eating a typical meal without mustard, ketchup, soy sauce, hot sauce, etc. You’ll get bored fast.

17. Condoms – TEOTWAWKI is not a great time to get pregnant, but people still have needs. Use protection.

18. Cotton Balls – Great for first aid, cleaning, kindling, and many other things.

19. Duct Tape – A must have for any prepper.

20. Ear Plugs – It’s important to use these when hunting with firearms, but they’ll also help you sleep at night. Why? Because after the SHTF every little bump will wake you up. Just make sure someone is standing guard while you sleep.

21. Floss – It’s even more important than your tooth brush. If you’re not flossing now, get started.

22. Games – Board games, cards, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and any other type of game that doesn’t require power. This is especially important if you have children.

23. Glasses and Repair Kits – If you wear glasses, make sure you have a backup pair and a way to fix them.

24. Glow Sticks – A great way to find your way around in a dark house.

25. Goggles – This includes safety goggles and swim goggles. You never know.

26. Hand Sanitizer – As I mentioned above, there might be a lack of proper sanitation after a major disaster. Stay germ-free.

27. Instant Coffee – If you’re hooked on coffee (like I am), then you’re liable to go crazy when your coffee pot won’t turn on.

28. Map of Your Town – Most of us have gotten used to relying on Google Maps and GPS, but those could become things of the past. Paper maps never stop working.

29. Paper Plates – So you won’t have to waste water cleaning dishes.

30. Pencil and Paper – These are historic times so keep a journal. Also important for games and making lists.

31. Pet Supplies. Don’t forget about your pets! There’s a detailed list of pet supplies in this post.

32. Plant pots – Plants are often easier to grow in pots than in the ground.

33. Plastic Sheeting – For repairing leaks, collecting water, keeping out contaminants, and much more.

34. Powdered Butter and Eggs – It’s amazing how many recipes require butter and/or eggs. These are hard to store long-term, so try some of the powdered variety.

35. Powdered Juice Mix – Because you’re going to get sick of drinking room-temperature water.

36. Saw – Axes are good for chopping firewood, but you’ll need a saw for everything else.

37. Sewing Kit – If your clothes tear, you might not be able to afford or even get access to new ones. Learn how to sew.

38. Shoe Laces – Again, you might not be able to get new ones. Plus, shoe laces have several uses.

39. Shut-off Wrench – Very important if you have gas power. A broken gas line is extremely dangerous.

40. Slingshots – Another way to kill small animals for food.

41. Snow Shoes – You’ll be trapped in a snowstorm without them.

42. Song Books – As with acoustic instruments (mentioned above), these are good for entertainment and morale boosting.

43. Survival Books – You’ll need this as a reference. Check out my post, The 10 Best Books On Survival.

44. Tampons – You really don’t want to be without these.

45. Tarps – Use them to keep stuff dry, provide shade, carry things, and so forth.

46. Umbrellas – Do you have one? If so, does it work well? And do you have extras for your family members?

47. Whistles – These can be a lifesaver if someone is under attack or lost.

48. Wind-up Clocks – So you don’t have to waste batteries.

49. Yard Bags – Heavy duty bags will be useful for all the trash and debris that accumulates.

50. Ziploc Bags – Great for keeping things dry and organized.

by Alan / via UrbanSurvivalSite

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