36 Weekend Preparedness Projects

Categories: Survival

 7. Start composting. Build a DIY Pallet Compost Bin

A great big bin for your composting needs. Assemble in minutes. 


8. Learn how to make a monkey fist  with a steel center

Great weapon on a keychain, one you can keep at all times. This one lets you use a steel ball bearing center. Clear instructions and lots of photos. 

9.  Build a solar cooker- basic version and more advanced version

I looked at a couple of different designs. One uses a car window shade, the other one, recycled CDs. 

10. Make a solar USB charger 

11.  Learn how to make an oil lamp

Perfect thing to know how to make for emergencies, as it uses olive oil and things you should have on hand. Pretty, too. Make one now and use it for home decor, keep it around in case of emergency. 

12.  Protect your electronics with a homemade faraday cage

Watch the video in the link above and click here for some instructions on how to make one 

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