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December 2012

Steve played hooky during a period of unseasonably warm December days to finish the interior chinking. The warm days allowed the mortar time to dry without freezing.

Mixing the chinking mortar

This is the last section to be done.

Interior Chinking

All chinking - inside and outside, is done! You can still see the wet mortar in some of the areas above the fireplace.

Interior Chinking

Enjoy the View

The outside of the cabin is done, and the chinking is done on the inside. The interior gable boards are up, and some of the ceiling boards are up. From here on it will be interior work for awhile - ceiling, floor, trim, etc. At the end of 2012 it's time to just step back and admire what has been done so far.

Fall Cabin
Fall Cabin

Fall Cabin
Fall Cabin

June 2013 Work Week

During the first part of the year Steve completed covering the ceiling.

Ceiling Boards

The mission for this work week was the floor and railings on the steps to the loft. Ed came for the week, and others came for individual days. One of the first orders of business was convincing the cabin's mouse trap that it wanted to live somewhere other than the log carrier, a matter that remained in dispute for a little while:

Ceiling Boards
Flooring Crew
Beam Fitting

Of course, not all of the week was hard work.

Steaks on the Grill

But, by the end of the week, the new railing was up and the flooring down

New Railing
New Floor

With some urethane to finish the floors.

Floors Urethaned

Fall 2013 - "This is why I built the cabin"


It's been five and a half years since Steve first started laying the foundation. The cabin is mostly done - at least the main part. It's starting to look pretty cozy inside, a great place to settle in with a fire, good friends, and a little bit of Junior Johnson's Midnight Moon on a cool Fall evening.

Fireside Evening
Looks like home
Up in the loft

End of 2013 - next steps

The main part of the cabin may be done, but Steve is not. Next on his list is to replace the tarp awnings ("Redneck Porches") with something more permanent

Redneck Porches

At the end of October Craig, Jean and I helped get the footers for the new front porch poured. Steve had already done some dry stacking of rocks in preparation to build the piers, and he laid out the footer locations for us.

Porch Footer Layout

While Craig and I dug, Jean and Steve were preparing the concrete.

Footer Digging

With only a break for some of Craig's excellent venison chili,

Venison Chili

we completed pouring the front porch footers.

Pouring footers

As 2013 ends, the footers are poured and covered. The rocks for the piers have been selected and tested in dry stacks, and I believe Steve has already procured the lumber for the porches.

Aerial Views

Another friend named Steve has a helicopter. In November he took Jean and I out to get some photos of the cabin from above. The cabin is definitely in an excellent scenic location!

Aerial View 1
Aerial View 2

To be continued in 2014...

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