Southwest Florida Introduces A New Kind Of Solar Roof!

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The solar industry matured years ago, and the technology keeps advancing.  One of the most promoted new techs on the planet is a product that you simply cannot buy:  Solar Roof Tiles.  Tesla has its massively promoted gigafactory, and came up with a pricing structure, and is even manufacturing product, but challenges still keep the product from making to the consumer.  

Another company has come up with an approach that is not only attainable, but can be purchased now, and installed right away!  Roman Roofing in Cape Coral Florida is one of the Pioneering installers for Florida, handling the Southwest part of the state for the GAF Roof Integrated Solar System.  The idea is that the solar system pays for the roof, by simply replacing the electric bill with a roof and solar payment.  If it's time to replace a roof, and you don't have any money to pay for it, really, there's no worries!  And the Federal Government Just extended the 26% Tax Credit for another 2 years!

The GAF Roof Integrated Solar system is an assembly of 360 Watt panels with specialized flashing built into the frame.  There's no roof under the solar structure, since it sheds water, and is acting as the roof in those areas!  GAF boasts to warranty the solar portion along with the roofs 25 year warranty, and the entire installation may fall under the federal Solar Tax Credit.*  

The system lays lower to the roof with no gaps, and no loose wires.  If aesthetics and "looks" is your priority, and you don't want individual panels on the front of your home, this might just be your way to go!  ....  and the GAF system doesn't cost much more than a traditional solar installation.  

Note that this system can only be installed for those who are replacing their roof with an asphalt shingle roof.  It will not install for metal, tile, wood shake, or other type of roof style.  For those you will need to use traditional solar installation or retrofit as we call it in the industry to go over the top of the existing roof. 


This Friday, the first installation in Cape Coral will be celebrated!  Come see what the next level in roof and solar innovation looks like! Location of the installation:  5360 Cortez Ct.  Cape Coral Florida 11am-2pm!  Food truck on site.  

Call Dave at 239-851-3672 for more information! 

Roman Roofing, GAF, and Solar Direct will all be there to answer any questions you may have!  Here's a sneak peek of the install going up yesterday , and a couple other recent installs:

*consult your CPA for tax advice

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