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Aprovecho is a non-profit organization located on a beautiful forty-acre land trust outside of Cottage Grove, Oregon.  Aprovecho, which means “I make best use of” in Spanish, gained its name from the spirit of a sustainable approach to resource use in the creation and sustenance of human culture that the early founders observed in their international development work. In 1981, this group founded an organization dedicated to the investigation of sustainable human settlement in North America, and found their place in the foothills of the Coast Range of Oregon. Today, Aprovecho’s land and its community of educators is a regional resource for researching, demonstrating, and educating the techniques and strategies of sustainable living.

HIRING: Stewardship Director

February 1, 2016

About the Stewardship Director Position

Aprovecho is seeking a qualified individual to fill the position of Stewardship Director in the Spring of 2016.  Aprovecho’s Stewardship Director is responsible for guiding the strategic direction and forwarding the overall mission of the organization through organizational guidance and development, fundraising, public outreach, and financial management. 

This position has been developed at a time of substantial organizational growth.  Successful programs, a strong reputation both regionally and globally, and a committed array of local teachers, advisers, and supporters have been cultivated to support the next phase of the organization’s development.  This position is for an individual that believes in the potential of the organization to grow financially and loves a holistic lifestyle where living and work are blended.  

The position is 30 hours per week. Benefits and Compensation are appropriate for a non-profit of Aprovecho’s size and scope and are available upon request.

About Aprovecho

Aprovecho is a non-profit education center located on a beautiful 40-acre land trust in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Over the past thirty years Aprovecho and its community of teachers and practitioners has been a leader in the global movement for sustainability through education and research in the fields of agriculture, technology, green building, permaculture design, and forestry.

Stewardship Director Responsibilities

1. Organizational Guidance and Development:

– Develop and determine organizational strategic direction with the support of the staff and board

– Schedule and attend all staff and board meetings

– Coordinate the logistics and agenda setting of all board and staff meetings

– Assure follow-through of all commitments made during board and staff meetings through consistent communication and technical guidance/assistance as needed

– Ensure the consistent development and enactment of the organizations goals and objectives

– Actively engage and energize Aprovecho volunteers, board members, event committees, alumni, partnering organizations, and funders

– Steward the staff, and volunteers ensuring they have realistic goals and objectives, a clear understanding of their accountabilities, are equipped with what they need to thrive, and are effectively measured on their personal and group results

– Function as a link between all programs and staff, ensuring coherence and synthesis in Aprovecho’s offerings as a whole

– Ensure consistent facilities and landscape upkeep

– Ensure staff and community commitments to Aprovecho’s code of conduct

2. Fundraising & Communications:

– Ensure the stewardship of historic fundraising and donor outreach strategies including events, email and mail outreach, and newsletter production and distribution

– Expand revenue generating and fundraising activities to support existing program operations while developing future program opportunities

– Maintain and update donor, student, and visitor databases

– Ensure ongoing grant research, grant database management, grant writing, and reporting

– Support of other staff, volunteers, and contractors writing grants

– New donor cultivation and stewardship

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