Couple in process of building off grid home and altruist business. (Video)

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For those who know us, and those as of yet who do not,  in April of 2016, Anthony  and I decided to leave our home in the city, pack up everything we own and move out to Field, ON, onto the 21.5 acres of forested land we purchased outright. Why would we make a conscious choice to live without any amenities and rough it? The reason to us was as simple as it was obvious. As building contractors by trade, we would construct our own off-grid home out of pocket, so that we could dedicate our lives to helping others.

By eliminating the majority of expenses of day to day life, we could then focus on the launch of our company, Altruistech Inc . Our mission statement is simple: develop inexpensive products that last and benefit humanity... reinvest any funds made into going beyond simple products to more essential technologies that surpass what is already out there, and make those patents open source.

Essentially, help the world help itself through our combined education in engineering, math, physics, economics, advertising and human behaviour.

As it has been pointed out to us many times, “winter is coming”, and our time to complete the build before then is ever dwindling, the sooner we are able to focus on our true goal and purpose to help humanity, the better.

If you wish to help them visit the link at the bottom of the page.

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