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3 Great Ways To Get Involved In Post-Irma Solar Energy Expansion:

In response to hurricane Irma, Solar energy has become a national prioriety!

1. Learn about solar for your home: http://www.lotg.solarbuyers.club 
2. Become a part of the team: solarbuyersclub@gmail.com
3. Invest in company shares and reap from the exponential growth:  https://www.startengine.com/solar-direct


Solar energy savings through Solarquotemachine.com and the Solar Buyers Club Group Buying Program from David Webster on Vimeo.

What if you didn't have to pay your electric bill?  The truth is, you don't!  

Welcome to the Solar Buyers Club!  We are looking forward to working with you!

We are fast becoming an integral part of the solar revolution as we help those around us to save money, make money, go green, and help to save the Earth.  Club Leadership at the Solar Buyers Club is about educating the public as to what is really possible today with solar energy.  It's also about presenting a never-before seen cost structure to the installation of Solar Energy on a home.  We are an integral part of the process as we evaluate the cost of energy on an ongoing basis.  When you install solar energy on your home, that makes you a beacon of light to your neighbors and passers by. It's like a billboard standing there, and people want to know how much of a difference it made for you!  

It is our jobs as club leaders to install solar on our homes, and to offer free quotes to those around us.   We are working directly with one of the longest standing solar companies in the industry to produce quotes for installations of top-notch equipment with a low cost structure.  How do they do that?  Well for one, because of you!  Rooftop to rooftop solar referrals are the best kind of referrals!  People want to visit a home that has solar installed on it, and see the bills for themselves!  That's why it's so important to put solar on your home, or on the home of someone who lives nearby.  They will be your best friend when it comes to spreading the word.  Because of this rooftop referral program, we are helping to eliminate costly sales commissions from the equation, and helping solar to spread like a wave across the sea!  Those who install solar first are able to pay for their systems by the great referral program that the Solar Buyers Club offers!

I am founder and host of Facebook's Living off the Grid page with over 1 million followers.  I'll be continually creating content and feeding videos and tutorials back to you as a Solar Buyers Club Leader and the team that you develop.  Feel free to make use of the material at will, and share around!  If you have any questions, ask your club leader.  If they don't have all the answers, feel free to ask me.  Be sure to get added to our Facebook Club Leaders Page so you can find us when you need to.  

Allow me to introduce our fantastic direct connection to solar installations:  Solar Direct LLC.  Kirk Maust and Dale Gulden are senior partners, and are continually assembling the machine that gets these systems ordered, delivered, and installed.  As you have questions that are related to quotes and sales, Email the fantastic team at Solar Direct, who are facilitating all of these quotes and installations.  Head of Sales:  Oliver Baumgart.  Or for installation details: tech@solardirect.com.  

Kirk Maust - Solar Direct President

Oliver Baumgart - Solar Direct Sales Manager

(This guy is in charge of making your quote and calculating your installation's energy production!  Get to know him!)

Here are some videos and articles that may help you in your quest for solar energy.  Feel free to link back to them or share them any way you like:

How efficient is your home and what could you or should you do about it?

Now That Solar Energy Finally Makes Cents - A Tipping Point Has Been Reached

Rigel Tells us about solar on his home

Be sure to join our Facebook group: Solar Buyers Club Details and Conversation, where we'll be sharing all sorts of great energy efficient information!  Your club leader will also likely have a group for you to join, so get in touch with them and set up your free quote today!

Remember, our job is simply two steps:  Refer people to get a free quote, and then submit their electric billing details.

Encourage them to become club leaders if they are unable to install solar at this time.  Those who install solar will be sponsored by Solar Direct as automatic Club Leaders for 3 months!  This system will create the wave of solar we've been waiting for! 

Solar Direct with Matt Calvin Vimeo

Here is a link to the ppt presentation details: http://www.offgridquest.com/solar-energy/going-solar-SD  be sure to check page 2

Meet Jason Tomczyk,the Solar Buyers Club CEO!

Solar Direct primarily uses Solar Edge inverters with their installs.  Check it out:  

For Homeowners on pre-site self inspection



For Business Cards:  Feel free to use the graphics below with the printer of your choice.  We have been using Cheetah Printing and Signs in Cape Coral:

Address: 804 Nicholas Pkwy E, Cape Coral, FL 33990
Hours:  Open weekdays · 8:30AM–4:30PM
The more we do with them, the better pricing they'll give us!  My first batch was a rush 100 (mind you they are large cards) for $25.  Then 1000 shipped cards for $80.  5000 for $200.  They have our artwork on file, so all you need to do is give them your contact details and replicated site name to get yours made.  

Banner Ads:  You can use these and link back to your personal link

Estimate Screen Shots

Feel free to contact your local Solar Buyers Club leader with any other questions or details! 

Dave Webster CMO - Solar Buyers Club

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