An Uninhabited 120 Acre Florida Island... Up For Grabs

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Have you ever been out on a lake or the ocean, and seen an island and wondered... I wondered what's out there?  I wonder if anybody owns it?  Maybe I could try fishing out there... it looks so quiet and peaceful....

In the southwest corner of Florida, west of Cape Coral, lies a 120 acre island called West Part Island.  I recently had the opportunity to tour the island and I wanted to share the amazing beauty of this island with you.  Oh... and did I mention it is for sale?

There is a nice clearing to build a home.  Check out the purslane field on the island!  It's all edible!

According to 30 year island resident and realtor Gary Walker, fresh water is a sure thing at 300 ft depth around here.  Rain water catchment is also quite dependable, sometimes raining every evening during the summer wet season, so fresh water is easy to come by.

Gary suggests that while undeveloped, the island is a conservation area with some state protections on local wildlife and habitat, so construction or development may require a conservation easement to maintain local habitat.  If you love Florida wildlife and nature, this is a beautiful place for you! 

The island is covered in vegetation that is native to West Part Island, such as the lillies seen here.  

When you compare your options, you might find a small lot on nearby Captiva island in the $3 to $5 million dollar range on the ocean, and be crowded with traffic, often taking an hour to leave the island by car.  

If you are willing to give up roads and access by boat or hover vehicle, float plane, or one of those cool cars that float, a place like this could be your utopia!  It's only about 7 minutes by boat to the Pineland Marina where you could pick up your car and go.  There is a house next store on neighboring East Part Island, so you would have a neighbor  ;)

Ecologically rare salt flat area

The northeast corner of the island has drier ground, beautiful heavily treed forests.  Notice nearby Useppa Island in the background, where 1/2 acre sells for half a million dollars! $899,000 for 120 acres may not be cheap for you, but maybe a partner or three is the way to go!

Local builders are experienced in the process in the area as well as the addition of solar power on an island like this. If you're interested in the island, email: or view the listing here.

I took a walk around the island with Gary.  Come along with me as we have a look at this amazing uninhabited place: 


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