I Can't Believe Nobody Bought This Yet! Sugartree Falls TN

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You often hear me touting Classic Country Land, and with good reason.  I stay in touch with them regularly, and have seen a lot of people buy from them and are very happy.  Their prices are fair, they give 10% off for cash, they give better financing rates with more down payment---   But it' this concept they have down just right for off the grid life.  You could call them perfect off the grid communities.  When Jenny calls me to say - Hey Dave!  We got some more land in Tennessee (considering they ran out for a bit, and that land is popular), and then usually it's - you're off the grid people would love this because so and so lives there, and they're really good at doing off the grid, and would love to share their knowledge with whoever moves in.   

When you buy from an individual, they usually need all of the money up front.  But if you're putting one foot in getting land, and slowly taking one foot out of city life, it's really the way to go. 

I've been working tirelessly for all of you who have been asking for property other places than what they have.  I started out looking for different things, but amidst my life among the rooftops here in Oklahoma, I find myself unable to spend too much time hunting.  Instead I have been putting together an amazing real estate classifieds system, so that every time someone approaches me about having land to sell, or is interested in finding some, I will send you there.  Almost done!  And I can't wait to share the link when it's ready to go! 

Here's one I was enjoying looking at today.  It has a waterfall on the property, and is quite nice.  I wanna go visit!  And I know that if I'm going to buy some land, I want to know all about it.  And I want you to make informed So I was just thinking, and I called Jenny this morning, and just asked her... hey you, can my off the grid people come camp for a day or two on a lot they might be interested in?  She said no problem!  As long as they clean up their mess when they go, we would love for them to come out and check it out!  Just know that some properties have very limited access, so even getting a trailer in might be difficult.  Others have better access.  It just depends where you're looking.  Call her to find all those details if they're not listed. 

This piece of land has the most amazing waterfall sights!  They have three different parcels with waterfalls on them, some much cheaper per acre too, so go check them out.  But this one is just gorgeous!  The beautiful river and the falls give you a nice drop for hydro power too!  These pictures have been all over the internet, because they took these, and used them to seel a bunch of their Tennessee property, but this is the most beautiful of them all, and it is available for under $70,000.  

You can go to www.classiccountryland.com, or Give Jenny a call at:  972-649-6200 extension 105

One of the neighbors out there has ordered a tiny house, and is waiting on it even now!  So you'll be in good company!

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